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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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through maine. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:00. developing now, several people were evacuated in the middle of the night when a fire started in an apartment building by san francisco state university. two people were hurt. everyone is back in the building. oakland police launched a statewide amber alert for a missing teenager and say it was bogus. turns out there was no carjacking, no kidnapping from a safeway parking although the in oakland. a winter blast is crippling the eastern seaboard. the snow and ice storm has killed a dozen people and it is in line to pound the northeast today. this is a live look in new york city in a car they are driving down the streets and you can
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see the snowpack there very icy conditions. kpix 5's kiet do is at mineta san jose international airport. kiet, that winter blast is causing thousands of flight cancellations all across the country. >> yes, they are expecting a foot of snow in places like philly, new york, d.c. and boston. right now, 4400 flights canceled nationwide. if you are getting on a plane heading to the east coast, before you leave the house this morning, check your flight. the plows are out in raleigh, north carolina, but for a lot of stranded drivers, it hasn't done much good. officials in the southeast urge people to stay home if they could as the road conditions got progressively worse. even first responders were having a heart time getting around slipping and sliding as they tried to get their vehicles moving again. as if ice on the roads wasn't bad enough, the weight of snow and ice brought trees down into power lines and in some cases homes. >> hearing the tree crack and watching it fall from my window and landing on my daughter's
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room was very traumatic. >> reporter: utilities including georgia power reported more than 600,000 homes and businesses had lost electricity across the southeast. >> i have been in the company 15 years. i have never seen anything to this scale. and talking to the folks more tenure than me, it's the biggest they have ever seen. >> reporter: as the storms move northeast, officials in washington, d.c. ordered the federal government closed thursday. crews are on standby hoping to avoid the same problems the winter storms created in the south. at last report, sfo was reporting 48 cancelled flights so far. right now at oakland and mineta san jose, no canceled flights. pretty good so far but they say that that might change later on today. kiet do, kpix 5. and our storm clouds are moving to the north right now. there's still a slight chance we could see a couple of sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise, a lot of fog outside
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right now. that should lift in the afternoon. these temperatures something else later in the day. hi-def doppler radar tracking your skies, so far it is dry. we could see sprinkles to the north. outside fog is the story. the bay bridge out there somewhere. can't see it right now shrouded in fog. temperatures in the 50s at this hour. by the afternoon, hey, it is going to be one mild day. some of these numbers getting near 70 degrees into san jose. about 67 degrees in mountain view. and 66 in redwood city. let's check the roads with elizabeth. and we can see the roads finally approaching the dublin interchange on westbound 80. for a while it was covered in fog, we could see just a few headlights peeking through. right now westbound 580 still slow from the livermore valley. that drive time is up to 23 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. also just getting word of this crash. it's on the skyway eastbound 80 getting on to the lower deck of the bay bridge approaching 7th street. that accident is blocking two lanes. traffic is beginning to back up
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on to 101. mass transit good idea this morning. everything so far is on time. bart all their issues resolved systemwide. good to go. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting into the city, so far no metering lights. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. new this morning, two people are being treated for injuries after an overnight fire near san francisco state university. this morning, the fire bass in a sixth floor unit of a high- rise building there. the fire department got everyone out of the building because of a possibility of smoke problems. investigators are trying to find the cause of the fire that started just after midnight. and developing, bart is looking into an incident in which one of the transit agency's police officers tased a passenger with a stun gun. it was captured on video in san bruno last month. police were called to the train by someone who said the man was harassing people on board. officer tased the man after he ignored orders to get off the train. tuesday's amber alert out of oakland turned out to be a false alarm. the man wanted for the alleged
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kidnapping and carjacking is accused of shoplifting. the amber alert was called off yesterday when investigators learned a female who was believed to be a carjacking victim was actually an adult not a teenager as they had first thought. they also determined there was no carjacking. but oakland police are not apologizing for calling this an amber alert. >> if we have information that describes a carjacking and a kidnapping, it would be gross new jersey if we did not put into motion the systems in place. >> this man caught on surveillance video in the store was identified and found accused of shoplifting. police talked with the driver of the car who confirmed the three were all together. a federal judge has fired a man that he hired to oversee the oakland police department. thomas frazier was appointed less than a year ago by u.s. district judge henderson. kpix 5's linda yee looks into why that appointment turned sour.
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>> reporter: thomas frazier was paid $270,000 a year to whip the oakland police department into shape. but the judge who appointed him now says he was ineffective, too expensive and fired him. >> i was surprised that it happened the way it did. >> reporter: attorney john burris was hoping frazier would be successful at making police more accountable. burris filed the civil suit against the police department after the so-called "riders" case involving four officers accused of beating and framing drug suspects. >> only disappointed in the sense that i was concerned about a change and whether that change would cause a setback. >> reporter: so you're confident that this is going to move forward and those reforms are going to be done? >> i'm confident in time they will get done. i would like for it to be sooner than later. >> reporter: a federal court ordered reforms but after 10 years of non-compliance a judge picked frazier to shake up the department, with power to overrule top commanders and even demote deputies if he felt they were in the way of making changes.
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kpix 5 political insider phil matier knows why frazier lost favor with the judge. >> according to sources i spoke with, frazier was seen as just being too close to the police union. >> reporter: frazier's last day is march 11, taking over is robert warshaw, the independent monitor appointed by the same judge to review the police department. warshaw reportedly does not get along with city officials. we did not received a call back from the mayor's office for a comment and a spokesman from the police department could not comment. in oakland, linda yee, kpix 5. one person is dead and three others wounded after a shooting in oakland's fruitvale area. officers found the victim around 10 p.m. last night after they were called to 37th avenue and international boulevard. police tape was all over the area as officers investigated the crime scene. no word on suspects this morning. later this morning, loved ones will honor people killed
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in pedestrian crashes on san francisco's streets. this hang on van ness avenue and grover street at 8:30 a.m. two days ago, a man was killed in a hit-and-run jaywalking across van ness near pacific street. happening today a new effort is launched in hopes of curbing the growing number of bicycle thefts in san francisco. safe bikes is a voluntary bike registration program. each registered bike gets an individual sticker that is aimed at deterring thieves but if not, it will be easy to return recovered bikes to those that have lost them. more and more everyday citizens are buying an item normally used by police. helicopter often use dashboard camera footage as evidence to major sure officers are following procedures. now dash cams are going mainstream with the public. they can come in handy when trying to determine who is at fault in an accident. >> people have become so familiar with mobile applications that use video that having a resource like a gopro or any other camera, i guess, that may be similar is a
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good way to just record your daily experiences. >> they also capture events like this meteor shower in russia. they can help parents keep track of children's driving behavior. happening today a massive merger could be in the works in the cable tv industry. comcast is agreeing to buy time warner cable for more than $45 billion in stock. if federal regulators approve the deal it would combine the nation's two big he is cable companies. time now 6:09. an fbi warning about valentine's day. why the feds say you need to keep your guard up and protect more than just your heart. >> plus -- >> awkward moments of silence are the worst. >> it's not your typical school lesson but it's an important one. how local students are learning their pleas and thank yous. >> our hi-def doppler radar is up, looking for the chance for rain, where we might see some coming up. >> and they finally turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. so now we have the delays building. plus we have a very foggy
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morning commute. we'll help you get to work on time. but first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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many of us actually do? well...the fifth grade clas strawberry point elementaryn mill valley is not only leag about good manners...they're prac we have all heard mind your manners. how many do? the fifth grade class at strawberry point elementary in mill valley is not only learning about good manners, they're practicing them, as well. that's why it's this week's "cool school." >> awkward moment of silence. reporter: at strawberry point elementary school on the daily lesson plan, good manners.
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>> good manners is showing others that you care and shows others that you are considerate of their feelings. >> reporter: fifth graders are learning how to not just talk but listen. >> pay attention. >> reporter: so mr. gasparini is teaching conversation etiquette. what's good? >> savannah, how are you doing today? >> good. how are you doing today? >> good. >> reporter: what's not so good? >> sometimes at the dinner table we don't really --we kind of interrupt each other sometimes. my sister always brings her phone to the table. and so i always tell her to put her phone away. >> reporter: they are also learning about manners in different cultures. >> in japan you don't look someone straight in the eye you look down. in america you look at the eyes. >> if you learn manners, then you turn into a whole new person, probably better than what you used to be. >> reporter: the lessons learned here will carry them through adulthood most of them shedding their bad habits.
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the ones who haven't won't be named though. it just wouldn't be polite. [ laughter ] >> so they are putting their manners to the test tomorrow for valentine's day. they are having a high noon tea. >> oh, wow. they are really going for it. >> they will see if they are polite. hi, to a young kid. whatever. or hi, how are you? >> the phone thing has to go. you can't take that to the dinner table. >> no. i'm guilty of that. >> liz, you were watching, weren't you? >> i'm guilty of the phone thing, too. i bring it everywhere i go. i. >> i know. i know. we all do it. what is cool about your school in we want to know. email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we don't think you're rude, though, liz. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome. people have been tweeting up a storm about the fog.
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some like it, some don't. but you can see it in a lot of our cameras. so here's just some of the tweets outside as people step out for their own morning commute so again be extra careful up and down the nimitz freeway. a couple of new accidents coming in, as well. this one actually is in oakland, westbound 580 approaching seminary this is a motorcycle ran into a pole or a sign. maybe injuries involved. and there is at least one lane blocked. also, "kcbs traffic" doing some tweeting of their own. watching for this accident. this is on the skyway heading on to the bay bridge eastbound 80 at 7th. again, that crash is reportedly an injury crash in the left lane. and you can see from that tweet the delays are beginning to build from 101. so heads up if you are leaving san francisco and trying to get to the east bay. in the other direction trying to get into the city the commute direction, they turned the metering lights lights on around 6:00 so now you are backed up beyond the overcrossing. the commute has definitely begun. and again, notice that fog moving in over the toll plaza. all right. with the latest on the fog and
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the rest of your forecast, here's lawrence. elizabeth, what if we tried to give up our phones for a week? >> i was going to show you, i brought up it to the traffic center. i take it everywhere. >> keeps you connected. we have a lot of fog, there's a possibility key could see sprinkles. we are checking it out with our hi-def doppler radar. haven't been able to find any sprinkles at all just yet but that may change throughout the day at least north of the golden gate bridge. the rest of the bay area just some passing clouds and a mix of sunshine and some very mild temperatures into the afternoon. now, things change over the weekend. we have a storm system headed our way. looks like that will be moving in late in the day on saturday into early sunday morning. for now the jet stream is staying to the north as well as the rain. it will continue to move in this direction. the fog is slipping into the bay area again so thick early on. throughout the day, though, the clouds likely to part a little bit and so by the afternoon, boy, we're going to see a lot of sunshine outside and a mix of clouds into the south bay, some of these temperatures pushing 70 degrees by the afternoon and then those clouds
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start to roll in again overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures will be very mild outside for today. plan on about 68 degrees in san jose. 69 in morgan hill. and 67 degrees in milpitas. east bay temperatures almost 70 degrees today in brentwood, 68 in antioch and about 67 degrees in benicia. as you head night the bay -- inside the bay, cooler temperatures in the north bay, 60s there. next couple of days, partly cloudy skies, a chance of rain developing saturday night into sunday. of course, the chinese new year's parade is on saturday night. it's a wonderful parade. unfortunately, the timing is maybe rough with this one, expecting rain. >> lots of umbrella, i guess. >> i think so. >> what about valentine's day? >> valentine's day is looking spectacular! we're going to get a look at that forecast coming up. >> thank you. prevalentine's day is heating up, simmering a couple of floors below us here in the studio. >> roberta gonzales is hanging out with 99.7's fernando and
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greg. >> reporter: i'm having so much fun this morning. it's 52 degrees outside but things are heating up inside so i am joining fernando and greg in the morning show. and first off, for those at home that they listen but don't get to see you, who is who? >> i'm fernando. >> i'm greg. >> reporter: and you have a big event coming up tomorrow on valentine's day. tell me about it. >> this is the anti-valentine's day party. this is for all the single people out there with no valentine or maybe you're looking for your valentine. bitter ball is the place to be tomorrow night at infusion lounge. >> reporter: what do we expect? >> a lot of hookups. [ laughter ] >> we're going to be looking single people up. you don't have to be single bitter and single on valentine's day. >> i like to get on my bike and cycle as a hobby. it's going to be warmer we need to get on a bike together. >> reporter: come out to the east bay. >> not together. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you love sports.
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i have seen you at many warriors games. >> yes. i'm actually on the inside. you're usually on the outside, roberta. >> yeah, 24 ticket. he is always on the front row. >> i'm like bye! >> reporter: it's true. okay. what's your favorite weather in the bay area? >> i like foggy. >> grown used to it. i lived in daly city for a while. i love the fog. beautiful thing. >> reporter: and you? >> i love the rain. i love it. i'm a runner. i do marathons so i like to run in the rain rather than the heat. i'm from texas. >> reporter: real quickly how can your listeners and our channel 5 viewers win this? >> call our number 5 at 888- 456-9970, you will win roberta's heart. >> visit us online for more information., click on "links and numbers." learn more about the bitter ball. back to you guys. >> okay. thanks. coming up, bart police taser a passenger but was it justified? the video that has police investigating. >> i'm dennis o'donnell.
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coming up, a future hall of famer announces this will be his final season. and the warriors game came down to one shot, one man. the finish is coming up. ,,,,
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fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ good morning, everyone. since lebron joined the heat in the 2010, the warriors have the fifth best record against them in the league. no dwyane wade last night. so it was lebron's show once again. miami looked like they were on the way to a blowout in the 3rd quarter. lebron with the vicious baseline dunk, they led by 21. but golden state rallied. down one with 15 seconds left steph curry gets to the rack over mario chalmers but the free throw gave the warriors a two points lead but the ball was in lebron's hands again. he hits at the buzzer and miami stuns the warriors! stanford in a dogfight with the washington huskies. cardinal up 3 with three minutes to go until williams
6:25 am
gets the three-point play. washington won by four. cal and washington state went to overtime, solomon's bucket down low gave the bears a lead. and the cal bears win over the cougars. and 39-year-old derek jeter will retire after this coming season. he has over 3,000 hits, five world series titles. he will have spent parts of 20 seasons in pinstripes, which in today's era of free agencies is very rare. by the way, i asked reggie jackson last night at the warriors game, which is the real mr. october? derek jeter or reggie jackson? he said don't ever ask me that question again! i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. undefeated, numb - ranked syracuse... on the road at play of the day, we got a thriller to show you. college hoops undefeated number one syracuse on the road at pitt. syracuse is down a point with the orange about to inbound the
6:26 am
ball. watch. >> he hit the shot! derek hughes wins it! >> how about that? freshman tyler inin this with the game winner. syracuse and wichita state are the only two major teams that have not lost a game this season. play of the day. 6:26 right now. a house in san francisco's twin peaks collapses and slides down a hill. what the investigation reveals about the construction work happening at the time of the accident. >> reporter: did a bart police officer overstep his bounds when he used a taser on a man on a bart train? we'll show you the video. you can decide for yourself coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. another massive winter storm causing problems on the east coast. now canceling flights here in the bay area. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. starting out with some fog around the bay area this morning. but we could have another storm coming our way. we will tell you when in just a few minutes. >> and we'll have the latest on an accident affecting some city streets in oakland around 14th and east 30th. we'll tell you about the delays here. it's coming up. get off the train! get off the train! >> what? >> get off the train! >> this morning, many are questioning was a bart police officer justified in tasing a man who refused to comply with his orders? anne makovec joins us live from san bruno now to explain why
6:31 am
some felt the man was harmless. ann. >> reporter: the video is disturbing to watch and there were a couple of witnesses on the train saying the man had done nothing wrong except for failing to comply with police orders. a lot of people wondering this morning if bart police may have overstepped their bounds. the video taken on the evening of january 29th begins with a bart officer giving a man a stern warning. >> get off the train! >> hold it! >> get off of the train, sir! >> reporter: someone on this train had called bart police to say the man was harassing riders. an officer arrived and tried to convince the man to come talk to him on the platform. he did not comply, and even though witnesses can be heard saying the man wasn't bothering anyone, watch what happens next. >> taser, taser, taser! >> reporter: the officer tases the man and he falls to the ground. as riders look on the man is dragged to the aisle. >> don't move or i will tase you again! >> reporter: around that's not the end. >> get on your stomach or i'll tase you again! >> reporter: minutes pass, more
6:32 am
officers arrive and as the man is held downed and cuffed. >> tase him again, taser, taser, taser. >> don't tase me again! [ five-second taser ] >> reporter: that same officer does it again, this time for for five seconds. one witness was so horrified that she wrote a blog post about the incident and later reported it to bart police. in a statement to kpix 5, bart said as per policy and protocol, bart police has initiated the proper investigation into this incident. the video has been forwarded to the independent auditor for bart police. now, bart police policy says that the only use it when it poses the immediate danger to the officer or other passenger using a taser. >> that man was book for resisting arrest and public intoxication. he also had a warrant for a
6:33 am
parole violation. getting another check of your "kcbs traffic," vanessa on twitter likes the fog this morning. she says yes, it is a foggy day. you can see the tweet right there. you can see also see some of the fog this morning if you are coming through oakland. northbound and southbound 880, everything appears to be moving okay into downtown oakland. different story on city streets in oakland. we are following this serious accident. we are sending a crew to the scene, 14th of at east 30th. it sounds like a truck ran into several other parked cars. injuries are likely. expect some delays around that intersection. both streets it looks like are partially blocked. they are working to clear this one. this is on the skyway eastbound 80 approaching 7th. we are still seeing some slight delays from 101 that was an earlier tweet from "kcbs traffic." but again, it looks like they may have just cleared it off of the roadway on to the off-ramp. so right now things are looking okay getting on the lower deck. it's over at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco the delays begin around the west grand overcrossing. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. we are seeing delays at sfo
6:34 am
on arriving flights as we are seeing some of those flights delayed by over an hour now due to some low clouds and fog. a lot of clouds out there around the state. some rain showing up in far northern california. kind of on the southern end of that. so yeah, we have some clouds out there, a chance of light sprinkles in the north bay. in any event, we're scanning your skies now with our hi-def doppler radar looking for some of the raindrops. can't just find any yet. but that may change throughout the day. otherwise, fog the major story this morning. dense fog at the bay bridge. temperatures in the 50s. i think by the afternoon, we'll see some clearing skies and these temperatures are going to be something else. 68 in san jose, 66 concord, 67 fairfield, and about 67 degrees in mountain view. while these temperatures get near 70 degrees, other parts of the country are dealing with a major winter storm. let's go to kiet do in san jose, where likely to see many delays out there today, kiet. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. so far, so good here at mineta san jose international airport.
6:35 am
same thing for oakland. however, sfo at last count has 48 cancelled flights due to the massive storm on the east coast. before you leave the house today, check your flights. people in edison, new jersey, are already having a tough time with their morning commute. >> slipping and sliding. >> reporter: the crippling winter storm that pounded the south has moved north. more than a foot of snow could fall in parts of the northeast today. >> powerful nor'easter. snow from boston to d.c. >> reporter: thousands of flights have been grounded and cancellations will continue. some of the busiest airports are on the east coast. crews in washington, d.c. work through the night trying to keep roads and sidewalks clear. they will be shoveling all day. this is expected to be the biggest storm to hit the nation's capital in four years and the federal government is shut down. schools on the eastern seaboard is closed, as well. hundreds of thousands of people
6:36 am
are without electricity. it could take days for crews to repair all of the downed power lines. >> we have a newborn with us and the power is out. >> reporter: folks in north carolina experience what atlanta saw during the last major storm, cars abandoned as snow and ice turn busy roads into parking lots and sometimes even ice rinks. and if your final destination is philly, new york, d.c. or boston, keep in mind, they are expecting about a foot of snow. so far, 4400 flights canceled nationwide. live at mineta san jose international, kiet do, kpix 5. a house that fell down a hill in san francisco didn't have the support required. according to documents obtained by the "chronicle," the twin peaks home had three reinforcing towers for support. plans called for nine. the report also says the owner failed to follow approved plans and the sequence of construction. the owner denies claims he did not have a required independent inspection. a body was discovered at a
6:37 am
motel's garbage chute in san francisco. police were called to a motel on valencia street late last night about the body. investigators say there's no sign of a homicide, but the cause of death and how the body got in that garbage chute are still a mystery. the man who triggered an amber alert that turned out to be bogus is in police custody. kpix 5's andria borba on the misunderstanding that misled millions. >> reporter: everything we thought we knew about the amber alert, a scare that launched helicopters and panic in the oakland hills, has been turned on its ear. the 13-year-old girl witnesses reported seeing, not a teenager. >> now we've learned that the female passenger is an adult and we immediately recalled the amber alert. >> reporter: the license plate and red infiniti suv flashed on so many overhead road signs: wrong. >> we are not looking for the license plate that we put out earlier. >> reporter: the earliest report from the parking lot of a carjacking at knifepoint, also false.
6:38 am
>> investigators believe that all three of them traveled to the safeway. i cannot tell you what each person's intent was. but i will share with you that we do believe they were all traveling together. >> reporter: the man at the center of the amber alert roy mccamey a regular at this safeway last seen on surveillance video allegedly shoplifting lobster and steak before leaving in a red sedan was picked up by another agency. the only person opd is still looking for is the woman whose youthful face sparked the amber alert. >> we are still attempting to locate the female but there's no indication she is in any danger. and we're not dealing with a small child who may be in harm's way. >> reporter: opd's spokesperson johnna watson is defending the department's action in a statewide amber alert. >> we have information that describes a carjacking and kidnapping. it would be gross negligence if we did not put into motion the systems in place. >> reporter: in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. >> oakland police also found the car's driver and interviewed him, as well.
6:39 am
we're learning u.p.s. considers some parts of oakland so dangerous drivers have curfews for certain areas there. it was broad daylight when this truck got caught in the crossfire of a gun battle in west oakland yesterday. a union rep says drivers are trained to be aware of their surroundings but one driver who didn't want to show her face on camera says it's really not that simple. she says the trucks are targets. >> you have to watch out for everybody. it is, a big x on it. people think it's money in there, we are the money truck or something, so i don't know. >> she says there are curfews on certain routes in east and west oakland. u.p.s. says it's also training drivers on how to spot suspicious activity. california leads all the states in enrollment to comply with president obama's healthcare law. the state's met 90% of its goal with over 728,000 signing up.
6:40 am
nationwide, 3.3 million people signed up for private insurance from october through february which is a real turnaround from the early days when a dysfunctional website frustrated a number of consumers. "covered california's" provider directory remains offline following our investigation into inaccuracies on the health exchange website. when they took down the inaccurate provider directly "covered california" urged consumers to call their doctors directly to find out if they are accepting a particular plan before they sign up for it. consumers say they are signing up for that plan that their doctor thinks they accept, but later they find out the doctors don't. california leads the nation in new charter schools and in closing charter schools. the state now has 1130 charter schools with just over half a million students. that includes 104 new campuses this year and 39 campuses that closed. in the last year the number of schools jumped 6% in california and more than 7% nationwide. time now 6:40. it looks like team usa won't be
6:41 am
getting any yogurt after all. what chobani is doing with all its products that are not allowed in russia. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. and the early numbers are not so great out of the gate. down nearly 80 points. we'll find out more with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks right after the break. stay with us. ,, bulldog: mattress discounters bulldog: presidents day sale ends presidents day? get a queen-size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! and get four years interest-free financing
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on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. ♪ mattress discounters
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climb aboard chopper 5 and flying you around the bay area, we have some fog near the coastline. these in the upper 50s. what a day if the south bay, temperatures warming up well into the 60s almost 70 degrees by the time you reach san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. ices bay temperatures similar -- east bay temperatures similar numbers there, partly
6:45 am
cloudy skies, 67 pleasanton, 66 danville. 66 walnut creek, 65 moraga. cooler in the north bay slight chance of sprinkles, a few more clouds there. 61 petaluma. 6 clearlake. 63 san rafael. san francisco 61 degrees. at least about to be one huge cable company in the united states. a multi-billion-dollar merger now in the works. let's chat. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: comcast already the biggest cable provider in the u.s., now it's buying time warner cable in a deal for $45 billion which time warner shareholders will get some of comcast also. that gives the combined company up to 34 million subscribes probably have to sell 4 million to other cable companies to get down to 30 million which would give it 30% of all subscribers. it's going to face antitrust questions to be certain. and that's why it's trying to
6:46 am
get down to 30 million. also another key, comcast and time warner were not in competing markets. stock market has economic news today including unemployment claims coming in from the labor department, first time weekly claims up 8,000 to 339,000. four-week average however coming in at 336,000 and 750. also a quick note that retail sales january a big disappointment falling 4/10ths of a percent. a lot of that because of the cold weather gripping much. country. earnings in focus today including cisco. its revenue fell over 7% in the recent quarter. that topped estimates but it is getting hit off continuing sales falling into the current quarter. let's take a look at the big board. looks like a bit of a pull back with the dow dropping over 80 points right now. the nasdaq is down by 13. s&p down 7. cisco shares down by 4%.
6:47 am
michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you. funeral plans are pending now for comedy legend and television pioneer sid caesar. >> i hope it will last. >> he was the best. early '50s here, caesar's your show of shows was a big time hit and inspired a lot of americans to go out and buy their first televisions. his writing staff included future legends like mel brooks, carl reiner and larry gelbart just to name a few. sid caesar died yesterday at his southern california home at 91. loved him in "grease," too. sid caesar is trending this morning. also trending, barbie. next week the doll will be featured as a model for the 50th anniversary of "sports illustrated." the justin bieber fans are causing some trouble at madam toussaud's in new york city. the museum has taken down its wax version of bieber due to excessive groping. >> derek jeter will be retiring
6:48 am
from baseball after the 2014 season, also trending. and, of course, valentine's day. the fbi has issued a warning that holiday scammers are on the prowl. they know people tend to think more with their hearts than heads tomorrow. beware of fake identities and report any incidents where people ask you for money. and remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. all right. here's a spoiler alert now with new results from the olympics. team usa sweeps the men's ski slopestyle competition. josh kristin zen won the gold. gus kenworthy took the silver. >> wish we didn't have to go to bed so early. it's hard to turn off the tv at 8:30. fan frenzy at the olympic park isn't just over the athletes: sochi mass scores are big time popular too. russians chose the polar bear
6:49 am
for its strength, the hare for speed and leopard for agility. the entire country voted to select it. organizers say they narrowed the list of 24,000 submissions down to 10 mascot options. not as popular in sochi is chobani's greek yogurt. the company has different up trying to get yogurt to the -- given up trying to get yogurt to the olympics. the 5,000 cups have been held up in newark since it didn't meet custom rules to bring it into russia. the yogurt now will be donated to food banks, chobani by the way is a big team us sponsor. >> have you been following the olympics, liz? >> no. >> i have been waiting for the ice skating, my favorite. >> it's going on. >> it's going on. i know. i have to do better. but i check the highlights. let's go out to the bay bridge. it's a foggy morning commute. we just saw this tweet from our very own assignment desk manager brian dinsmore. he drove across the new willie brown bridge and he says that
6:50 am
everything is very fogged in this morning. there is a stall before treasure island but there is a shoulder now so we are not seeing huge delays because of that. metering lights were turned on at 6:00. backed up to the maze. sky 3 flew over highway 4 earlier and they say busier than usual this morning westbound. and we can see on our sensors as well, slow through antioch and slowing continuing to 242 coming into concord. more fog to slow you down, as well. this time through the altamont pass and livermore valley. drive time up to a half hour all the headlights westbound. past 680 things look good heading into the castro valley y. and foggy starts as well in parts of the south bay. this is a live look in milpitas. westbound 237 just beginning to slow now. looks like from 880 to about zanker road. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." more on your foggy commute to work, here's lawrence. yeah, that's been the big concern over the last few days, may see rain too. our hi-def doppler radar
6:51 am
tracking your skies now. and just off the coastline, we are seeing a little precipitation out there not much. and we're not expecting much at all. in fact, most of that going to stay north of the golden gate bridge. if we see any at all. so with that in mind, i think today yeah, we are looking at that patchy, dense fog giving way to a few clouds and a little sunshine and temperatures are going to be mild. i think by the afternoon, notice of, some of these temperatures going to be pushing near 70 degrees. we have a possible storm headed our way for the webs. high pressure sending the jet stream to the north holding the rain up there now. fog the last couple of days and tomorrow morning. more sunshine into the afternoon today, clouds then onshore over tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures will go something else, nearly 67 in fairfield. 65 degrees in oakland. next couple of days, partly cloudy skies, chance of rain developing saturday night into sunday. maybe for the chinese new
6:52 am
year's parade, another chance of some rain next tuesday and wednesday. checking out your schoolcast for today, stanley middle school in lafayette starting out with fog this morning, lunch recess going to see a little sunshine, poking through the clouds. and if you would like to nom 1998 your school go to and by the way, don't forget, guys, i haven't forgotten, it's valentine's day tomorrow. yes. should be a very nice day in the bay area. nice and dry. the temperatures 50s coastside upper 60s inland. >> all the sweethearts will love it then. >> yes, they will, including me. [ laughter ] >> are you a big lady gaga fan? >> huge. >> name a song. >> lady gaga. >> yeah. apparently, lady gaga taking over the hearst castle for her new music video. filming is expected this week but the pop star has yet to be seen as crew members carried in props. she said the historical sites are very rare but gaga is donating $250,000 to the hearst
6:53 am
castle foundation appearing in a short water conservation psa, plus pay special fees. it is 6:52 now. commuters in california can take hours. who has it the worst on the roads? coming up. >> reporter: an investigation is launched into a disturbing incident on a bart train. coming up, we'll show you the video, decide for yourself. five things to know at the a major winter storm that pou,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. moving up the eastern seabo at least a half fo five things to know at the :55. a major winter storm that pounded the deep south is now moving up the eastern seaboard. at least a half a foot of snow
6:57 am
could fall from the carolinas to maine. the obama administration released the latest round of sign-ups under the affordable care act. the white house says more than a million people signed up for new coverage in january. that brings the total to 3.3 million since enrollment began in october. pieces of tech history have been unearthed in a colorado field. a time capsule featuring items from steve jobs was buried following a 1983 conference in aspen. inside were contents from that design conference. it was supposed to be dug up 14 years ago, but no one could find it. if you think the bay area has the worst traffic this in crafts. , you're only partly right. caltrans says interstate 580 and 80 in alameda county are the ninth and tenth most congested freeways in the state, the worst in los angeles and orange county. top of the list i-5 in l.a. county. two people taken to the hospital because of an early- morning fire in san francisco, no word on their injuries this
6:58 am
morning. that fire started around midnight in a high-rise apartment building near san francisco state university. i'm anne makovec live in san bruno where bart is investigating whether or not one of its officers might have overstepped the boundaries when he tased a man after that man failed to comply with orders. >> get off the train! >> what? >> get off the train! >> hold it! >> get off the train. >> reporter: someone called police saying the man was harassing a passenger. but at least one witness said that man was harmless and the bart officer tased him for no reason. the video was taken on january 29 after the man didn't comply with those orders and an officer used his taser on his twice, one for a full five seconds! the man is being held down and cuffed for that five seconds. >> tase him again, taser, taser, taser! >> ah. i didn't do nothing! >> reporter: we received a statement from bart yesterday saying, as per policy and
6:59 am
protocol, bart police has initiated the proper investigation into this incident. the video has been forwarded to an independent auditor for bart police. the man was booked for resisting arrest, public intoxication and had a warrant for a parole violation. bart policy specifically states that an officer should only use his or her taser in the event that the officer or another person is in immediate threat of bodily harm. live in san bruno, anne makovec, kpix 5. a quick check of the roads, blanketed in fog this morning, up and down 880 earlier accidents have cleared and mass transit is on time. >> that fog very thick outside. looks like it will break up into the afternoon. right now a lot of gray out there. so be careful. a little drizzle toward the coastline, as well. this afternoon, though, we'll see though clouds beginning to clear out. how about these temperatures? near 70 degrees in some of the warmest spots. 50s at the coast. and as we head in toward the weekends we have a storm coming our way. maybe more rain next week. >> the next local update is
7:00 am
7:26. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, february 13th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." snow and ice hammer more than 100 million people, 500,000 are without power. driver abandon cars. and from the south to e northeast, we are in the heart of the storm. dramatic video as a sinkhole swallows more than half dozen classic corvettes. and a huge olympic win for team usa and nascar champ jimmie johnson is with us from daytona. and we begin with today's "eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds." >> something out of a zombie movie or something, all of these abandoned cars. very


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